Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ping command usage

Authentication with the remote computer. This command is only installed TCP / IP protocol before they can use.

ping [-t] [-a] [-n count] [-l length] [-f] [-i ttl] [-v tos] [-r count] [-s count] [[-j computer-list ] | [-k computer-list]] [-w timeout] destination-list



Ping the computer until the specified interrupt.


To address resolution for the computer name.

Send count the specified number of ECHO packets. The default value is 4.

-L length

Send a specified amount of data by the length of ECHO packets. The default is 32 bytes; the maximum is 65,527.


Packet sent in the "do not fragment" flag. Packets will not be routed on the Gateway section.

-I ttl

The "survival time" field is set to the value specified by ttl.

-V tos

The "service type" field set to the value specified by tos.

-R count

In the "record route" field recording outgoing and return data packet routing. count at least one station can specify a maximum of 9 computer.

-S count

Specified count metric specified timestamp.

-J computer-list

Using computer-list specifies a list of computers to route packets. Continuous computer can be separated by intermediate gateways (sparse source routing) IP to allow the maximum number is 9.

-K computer-list

Using computer-list specifies a list of computers to route packets. Continuous computer can not be separated by intermediate gateways (Strict Source Routing) IP to allow the maximum number is 9.

-W timeout

Specified timeout interval, in milliseconds.


Specifies the remote computer ping

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Auto Attendant computer operator

1. Introduction:

High efficiency, fast-paced today, telephone is an important tool for information transmission, the level of its services. Quality directly affects a Hotel up, commercial buildings, the company's reputation and image. The traditional attendant console manual calls received by the switch can not meet the needs of social development. The face of growing traffic, how to faster, more accurate to take turn every call; the face of a large number of phone messages, check request, how to accurately record, notification and rapid response; the face of the attendant console has less load manual call forwarding and backward way, how to improve and update! To keep up with the pace of information delivery has become an urgent task manager! In response to these circumstances, Guangzhou Tsui Sing Yuen Technology Co., Ltd. developed intelligent voice system, the computer operator with the unique combination of voice mail, then switch to manual and computer integration in two ways, the work of the current switchboard injected new vitality the same time improve the telephone service grade!

Second, the system connection

Intelligent voice system is suitable for any type of switch. Simply connect to the regular extension, extension or trunk night service can work.

Third, the system functions

鈼?Intelligent Voice systems have manual and automatic transfer of two telephone access mode, and can be used interchangeable.
When the system is manually switched mode, the phone first, then switch to manual, when the artificial sets busy switch provides automatic access mode; the other hand when the system is automatically
Switched mode, the guests can dial extension automatically switching, in a wrong number, check number can automatically be transferred when the artificial sets.
鈼?intelligent voice system can be connected to switch the phone automatically when busy or no access prompts customers, and further offers to change dial the number, message, CALL pager, phone tracking and many other services.
Even artificial carry-phone operator, has just completed a simple answer, dial ext operation, followed by the intelligence services would be able to automatic processing
鈼?Intelligent Voice system extension has a message for all functions.
Telephone 1 has a message, it will promptly notify the intelligent attendant console extension, BP machine, or cellular phones, and voice prompts owners extract a message. Users at any one time, place, using ordinary telephone can be extracted or recorded message to find the owner.
鈼?Intelligent Voice system has automatic, manual inside phone tracking.
Transferred to an extension can be set outside of the system line telephone or cellular phone, the truly "take the phone with you four!"; System security outside dial-up password control and reliable telephone billing, but also gives you " 200 "type of long-distance telephone services.
鈼?Intelligent Voice system has powerful telephone inquiry service system.
Information through a computer store, providing numbers, area code, zip code inquiry service.
鈼?Intelligent Voice system has two-way telephone recording function.
Timely record an important telephone conversation or a telephone operator carry-term response, and may at any time in the machine table to listen.

Fourth, after-sales service

"Excellent quality, excellent service" is our commitment to customers!

鈼?all sold equipment, our company are for one year warranty and free technical support, warranty expired long-term security of supply spare parts and maintenance services.

鈼?The company is responsible for training technical managers.


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