Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Jingdong model" kept short board

The data from Analysys International show that in March this year, sales of Jingdong has more than 200 million yuan, even more than the traditional two-Dangdang and excellence Amazon. However, in direct sales where the profit is not high, Jingdong want to further enhancement of the non-profit directly above the breakthrough. Meanwhile, Jingdong have higher sales, but there are fewer problems in the number of users.

The second half of last year, e-commerce once again become the focus of all Chinese hot one. Analysys International in the "first quarter of 2009, China's B2C online retail market, quarterly monitoring," said in the first quarter of this year, China's B2C market reached 3.496 billion yuan. Taobao C2C market, compared to a dominate, starting earlier in the year because of China's B2C market, the entry of Jingdong Mall is more complicated.

With rapidly expanding 3C products and home appliances of Jingdong Mall recently announced that it will fully expand its investment in the appliance field, is proposed line from the microwave, hair dryer and other small appliances extends to refrigerators, washing machines and other large household appliances.

If Dangdang, excellence is to build a Wal-Mart online, and Jingdong choice is more like a copy via the Internet Suning success.

High per capita consumption of hidden

According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce quoted Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo statistical data, said home appliance business through the Internet last year, online mall number of commodities has exceeded 1,000, market size is about 20 billion yuan, accounting for household appliance market, 2% of total sales. The year 2009, the market scale is expected to exceed 800 yuan to 100 billion yuan.

As we all know, home appliances, especially large appliances are usually priced higher and lower sales profits. Jingdong Mall in March to break 200 million yuan of sales, for example, can be interpreted as "50 million people, each spending 4,000 yuan." The traditional B2C model is "4000 million people, each spending 50 yuan."

According to the current user's view of the majority of Jingdong, buy appliances online "prices lower than the mall," even to the store many users choose the right model, then to the on-line orders. Can be a very obvious problem is that such a giant compared to Suning, it is difficult to imagine the "new channel" Jingdong Mall from suppliers for lower purchase price. Even low-cost virtual store can be balanced to some extent, the spread between the two channels, but if can not find in other profit strong support, it is difficult to imagine Jingdong's "cheap" to last.

It is easy to think of another Chinese e-commerce in the area of a "martyr" E state. Many years ago, E China "to buy enough for 10 yuan to send Coke" approach to a large extent, allow users to realize the benefits of e-commerce, but unfortunately, you feel the benefits have not become a sufficient condition for the success of E state.

"Suning model" of imitation problems

Whether Jingdong mode or traditional e-business models, the source of profits generally fall into three categories.

"ABC profit by jargon is called." Certain e-commerce executives, said, "A profit is the profit generated by selling direct. B profits and sales is directly related to the non-profit. Generally channel obtained from the manufacturer business sales rebate or incentive. C profits and sales is directly related non-profits are usually embodied in the supermarket goods shelves fees. in the traditional retail industry, the larger shopping centers, B and C the profit contribution margin the higher. so you often can see some of the market in the promotional activities, sales of commodity prices than the manufacturers Chu Huojia even lower. This fact is to share with B and C to subsidize the profit A profits are. "

Suning Appliance stores have the traditional line under the interpretation of this model thoroughly, and to some extent Jingdong thinking very much in line with them.

The problem was arising. In the retail chain, suppliers and channel business has been a contradiction. When the channel business is strong enough, suppliers often have to ship price, channel management strategies on both the policy and even some adjustment. Bearing that in mind, if not strong commercial channels, they are very difficult to win from suppliers lower shipping prices, is also almost impossible to obtain in the leading position in procurement negotiations. This is the "Jingdong mode" now have to face the biggest challenge.

"Last year, the home network market share is still only 2%." The anonymous senior said, "even speeding up, we can hardly imagine that online channels can be Suning day as strong."

Difficult to break through the "B + C"

The data from Analysys, said the first quarter of 2009, China's B2C market is 3.496 billion yuan, C2C, compared with 44.071 billion yuan.

"As a whole, for various reasons, products sold through the network platform, whether B2C or C2C, its price is slightly lower than offline stores." Dangdang Chenteng Hua, vice president, said, "This is the e-commerce features, as virtual shop do not take a lot of line shop requires affordable cost. "lower the price of the original cost of the corresponding lower natural, but it also indicates a problem is that profit in the A, e-commerce and traditional retail practice the differences are small. "Lower cost" can not actually e-commerce businesses to secure the number of new profits. So in order to achieve a breakthrough in the profits, B and C profit is the profit of a breakthrough where e-commerce.

So, is the impact of 4000 million people are more likely to break through, or only affect the 50 million people?

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