Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Worlds unlimited brush method

In two world, killed the strange light is not refreshed, but as long as these strange in the left one, then load the next map (there read the disk symbol) when all these strange refresh, and the number of equipment random. Hatred with strange equipment from fixed so infinite, experience, money not an issue (provided that spend unlimited time).

Recommended Practice:

1, to find a group of criminals;

2, kill the last one left;

3, sent back to the city refuse (to read the disk tag appears, select a city far point);

4, repeat the process.

To note is. Archer when the equipment is very dangerous bad, as far as possible till they have killed. Strange hatred of the limited distance, you will not chase you Paoyuan up. Blame the equipment and your level and then synthesized more junk equipment also nb. Check with the stone to use when the mobile carrier, and sometimes if you put the stone and the culprits may appear too close to refresh you after the robbers did not take the initiative to attack the situation (and your grades may also be relevant. I have been in a long time.)

ps: personally feel is the easiest bows together, and now all over the world more boring brush, the caution be used with caution.

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